Hey Ladies…

From my experience from dating to marriage, I think it is fair to say that women do not mind gifts at all; $100 roses, $250 bracelet, $7,000 ring… you offer it and she’ll take it. I’m sure that all of the women reading this right now are thinking about their next or last gifts (I’m sorry if you don’t get any!). Depending on circumstances however, many women will turn down this gifts and for one waddling creature, it happens… a lot.


[photo: Martin Pettitt via Flickr]

Welcome to the ever so romantic life of a Gentoo Penguin (You’re welcome Samuel). This creatures, like many birds. choose soul mates when it comes time in their life. The fascinating part of this process is the ritual the penguin goes through to capture the hearts of all of those chicks out there (get it… haha). For us men, going to the store is hard enough to find the perfect ring or even jewelry in general, the Gentoo Penguin makes us look like fools. When it comes time to wear its ball and chain the penguins actually search the land to find the most amazingly, beautiful, sparkling, eye catching, dazzling, and round pebble. Yup. A pebble. Gentoo Penguins actually dedicate a fine amount of time into searching for the perfect pebble and will actually fight other male penguins for ownership of this priceless artifact. Once they find the most fetching pebble in all of the lands they simply present it to their [hopefully] soon to be wife (if that’s what you call it) if she so chooses to accept.


[photo: Christopher Michel via Flickr]

These birds are not only awesome because of their commitment to each other but, it also turns out that they are a pretty cool species of penguin as well. Gentoo penguin are hunted by some of the most nasty predators such as Killer Whales and Sea Leopards. While it is hard to outsmart either of these predators, the Gentoo have a quite advantageous trait on their side… their flippers. The Gentoo Penguin is actually the fastest diving bird in the world while only weighing twelve pounds. There’s a fun fact that even I wouldn’t have guessed.

Stay loving everyone, show up next time for some flipping fun! (You see it? I did it again)

[via: National Geographic and Zoo News Digest]

[cover photo: Thangaraj Kumaravel via Flickr]


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