Don’t Give a $#!T

The Honey Badger. Until the past few years, this animal was under the radar and unknown to most people. In 2011, YouTube user, czg123, posted a comedic video narration of the Honey Badger eating, running around and in the narrator’s own words just “not giving give a shit.” The honey badger is now an icon among the animal kingdom but why? Maybe it is because the Honey Badger is actually a quite talented and amazing creature. Just saying.


[photo: Peter Trimming via Flickr]

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the honey badger is recorded as the world’s most fearless animal. Compared to something like a lion or a bear who would of thought that something so small would be so intimidating and courageous. As it turns out, the skunk like creature has plenty to back it up both defensively and offensively. The honey badger’s skin is actually very tough, thick, rubbery and loose to its body. These traits allow the badger to receive a slash from a sharpened machete without it going all the way through its skin. This clearly can then protect it from claws and teeth from other predators. If it were us, our arm would be gone after that slice. Another mechanism that these animals have developed are their resistance to stings and venom. In the video you can see this in action and it will probably make you laugh (if you haven’t seen the video yet).


[photo: Steve Slater via Flickr]

Honey Badgers are intelligent creatures and have been know to use tools to get at their prey as well as outsmart many other animals. All of these traits along with the animals claws and jaws make it a formidable adversary for animals of all sizes. Enjoy!

[via: Today I Found Out, National Geographic and YouTube]

[cover photo: Thos Ballantyne via Flickr]


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