Say hello to the cream of the crop! The brightest stars of the animal kingdom. The ones that few talk about! Now introducing, the Top Ten Ugliest Animals!!!! Cover your eyes, turn of the lights and enjoy the poison eye candy!

10. Star-Nosed Moles: These underground creatures are blind but have a strange star shaped nose which makes them one of the ugliest things out there. This nose is stuffed with sensory organs which allow the animals to remember their surroundings without even seeing it once.

9. Mata Mata Turtle: Literally meaning “Kill! Kill” in spanish, this turtle is scary and striking fast. It has a long neck and a snorkel nose which it uses to breathe from under water. It looks like a rock to its prey until it sucks up anything that gets close, swallowing it whole.

8. Vampire Bat: The historical bat of Dracula! This creature has large ears and a small wrinkled face which strikes fear in the history books. These animals actually fly out in the night and without waking the victims will begin to suck blood out of their bodies. Gross.

7.Proboscis Monkey: There are very few animals uglier than this animal. It has a huge nose on its face which is used in mating to create noises that attract females. What’s even more ugly than the Proboscis monkey? Their babies which are born with dark blue faces.


[photo: Kim Wolhuter via Flickr]

6. Warthog: Not many people think that pigs are cute animals. Add hair, tusks and an attitude and that animal becomes even more ugly and is then called a Warthog.

5. Mexican Burrowing Frog: Now, imagine a blob. Quite round and covered in warts. Add some arms, some legs and there you have it, a Mexican Burrowing Frog! This species thankfully stays well hidden underground for most of the time, away from the people, away from the eyes.

4. Monk Fish: This alien like fish is much more commonly known as an Angler. These fish lurk at the deepest depths of the ocean and actually fish for other fish. It is quite successful actually, even more than I probably am.

3. Fruit Fly: We all know flies very well and they simply suck. Fruit flies are even worse, they are large bulging red eyes and jaws that strike terror in any horror movies. Luckily it is unrealistic to be afraid of these insects because they are smaller than your pinky toe nail.

2. Vultures: Have you ever seen a Vulture? Then maybe you understand how big they really can get. From above they look like demons circling in the sky and when they are perched, their red heads just stare at you waiting for a chance to scavenge. It is quite terrifying to say the least.

1. Blob Fish: If you are ever feeling sick, DO NOT type this into Google. It looks like a creature that was found on the moon in some lost forgotten ocean that does not exist. It has a permanent frown when it is resting out of water too, it is definitely one of a kind. #GrumpyFish


[photo: Simon Elgood via Flickr]

Hope you enjoyed as always!!

[via: Animal Planet]

[cover photo: Mick via Flickr]


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