You Smaht Guy

An interesting topic that I have come across many times in my life is the intelligence of the animal kingdom. To represent this, I am presenting to you, the top 5 most intelligent animals besides humans. Enjoy!

1. Chimpanzees: These animals are very intelligent. Very similar to people in may ways. Primates are generally the smartest group of animals but the Chimp is makes the list because it is the smartest chimp there is.

2. Pigs: Although people will initially disagree with this choice, it should be understood that pigs can actually get as smart as 3 year old children.

3. Dolphins: Comparative to most other animals, Dolphins have the largest brain to body ratio. Unlike many animals, they are actually self-aware and are aware of their image in mirrors.

4. Whales: A great example of this is the Orca Whale. These whales, have exceptional communication skills and can also strategically hunt with their pod!

5. Crows: Surprising these birds have shown some impressive behavior. In Japan, crows will actually drop shells into the road so that cars break open the shell that the Crow can otherwise not break into.

Those are the Top 5 brightest animals! Hope you feel smarter!

[via: List 25 and Ranker]


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