Time for Mourning

Last year was the 100th anniversary for the death of the last passenger pigeon. Her name was Martha and she was the last surviving member of a species of pigeons in North America that flocked in thousands and could black out the sky. It is a very tragic story and unfortunately, humans were the primary cause of their extinction. One hundred years later, this species is still talked about because of the harmful tenancies of mankind. Sadly, it is time to look towards the future. 2015 has brought us a new year for growth, death and extinction. It is very disappointing to say, but this year we may have to say our last goodbyes to several species of animals. Here’s the list:

1. Amur Leopard

2. Sumatran Elephant

3. Javan Rhinoceros


[photo: MASSEEA via Flickr]

4. Leatherback Turtle

5. Western Lowland Gorilla

6. Saola

7. Vaquita

8. Siberian Tiger


[photo: Ross Elliot via Flickr]

9. Mountain Gorilla

10. Greater Bamboo Lemur

11. Sumatran Orangutan

12. Black Rhino

13. Yangtze Finless Porpoise

14. Hawaiian Crow

15. Northern White Rhino

16. Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

17. South China Tiger

18. Little Dodo Bird

19. Mountain Gorilla

Don’t forget to say goodbye to these wonderful creatures. Also, keep in mind that when they go extinct, it was mainly our own faults.

[via: AllDay and USA Today]


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