Welcome Friends!

I stumbled upon an article on CNET that I wanted to share with my audience. It is amazing and documents 15 unique animals with a picture of each as well as a short caption. The point of this article is to spread awareness for new species! Each of the species in this list are new to man kind’s knowledge and now yours!

1. Enigma Moth: In a single day it hatches from its cocoon, mates, reproduces and then dies. Fun!

2. Toothy Frog: These frogs have fangs used for fighting!

3. Red Dragon: Related to a seahorse, it is more red than a ruby!

4. Chimaera carophila: is a new type of ghost shark!

5. Phryganistria heusii yentuensis: This stick insect from Vietnam is the second largest living insect discovered!

6. Cliff Diving Ant: It latches onto intruders and leaps off little ant sized cliffs!

7. Bone-House Wasp: Lives inside of ant corpses and lays eggs inside of living spiders!

Go check out CNET for more, it’s an interesting read and the visuals will surely excite you as well!

[via: CNET]


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