Animals are cool. Each is unique in its own ways and they have all evolved to become specialized in what they do. Toxic spines, color changing skin, bone crushing jaws, these are a few of those ‘cool’ attributes that I find so interesting. Unfortunately, when we think of animals one thing is left out… Us. […]

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Don’t Give a $#!T

The Honey Badger. Until the past few years, this animal was under the radar and unknown to most people. In 2011, YouTube user, czg123, posted a comedic video narration of the Honey Badger eating, running around and in the narrator’s own words just “not giving give a shit.” The honey badger is now an icon […]

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Wolverine? Huh?

Sometimes, the animal kingdom does some very…. strange things. In order to survive in the wild creatures have to adapt or face extinction. The Hairy Frog did just that. It may not be the most attractive creature, but that’s kind of good for us. If you get too close to these amphibians you’ll likely come […]

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Excuse me, do I know you?

This post goes out to serve as a reminder to everyone that in one second, the most fun thing in the world can change drastically. As shown in this video, no one should take dangerous animals for granted even if they are in any sort of exhibit at Disney Land. Animals can be smart, fierce, […]

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Hey Ladies…

From my experience from dating to marriage, I think it is fair to say that women do not mind gifts at all; $100 roses, $250 bracelet, $7,000 ring… you offer it and she’ll take it. I’m sure that all of the women reading this right now are thinking about their next or last gifts (I’m […]

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A New Killer in Town?

With what may come as a surprise to many is the the less than heartfelt habits displayed by the Gray Seal. For over a decade now, Dutch beaches have seen mutilated harbor porpoises (Dolphin cousins) washed up on local beaches. This has become a large mystery until recently when the culprit was discovered to be […]

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Venomous? Don’t Care.

Africa’s Gallivanting Giraffe Probably one of the world’s most memorable mammals, and my wife’s favorite one too, is the cloud touching Giraffe. Also known as,”Giraffa camelopardalis”¬†(by the few¬†people who might actually call it that), the giraffe is the tallest animal that walks the plains of Africa or even the earth in general. With many tricks […]

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