I love Jurassic Park. It is one of the best movie series ever! Guess what!? There is a new one coming to theaters on June 12, 2015!!!!! I’m So Excited! Watch this trailer and get excited! Seems how this blog is about animals, dinosaurs should do the trick. I mean c’mon, there is nothing boring […]

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Welcome Friends!

I stumbled upon an article on CNET┬áthat I wanted to share with my audience. It is amazing and documents 15 unique animals with a picture of each as well as a short caption. The point of this article is to spread awareness for new species! Each of the species in this list are new to […]

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Time for Mourning

Last year was the 100th anniversary for the death of the last passenger pigeon. Her name was Martha and she was the last surviving member of a species of pigeons in North America that flocked in thousands and could black out the sky. It is a very tragic story and unfortunately, humans were the primary […]

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Far From Home

Our animal kingdom is amazing and growing more and more every day. The oceans are said to be filled with creatures and fish that we have never even heard of while the forests reveal new species to us frequently as well. There will probably never be a day in the future where every animal on […]

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You think you’re fast

One of my favorite animals is the Gazelle. It’s name is fun to say and they are freaking fast! The only bad thing about the animal is how many animals prey on it in the vast plains of Africa including; cheetahs, lions, leopards, hunting dogs, hyenas and humans. If the animal manages to avoid all […]

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You Smaht Guy

An interesting topic that I have come across many times in my life is the intelligence of the animal kingdom. To represent this, I am presenting to you, the top 5 most intelligent animals besides humans. Enjoy! 1. Chimpanzees: These animals are very intelligent. Very similar to people in may ways. Primates are generally the […]

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Say hello to the cream of the crop! The brightest stars of the animal kingdom. The ones that few talk about! Now introducing, the Top Ten Ugliest Animals!!!! Cover your eyes, turn of the lights and enjoy the poison eye candy! 10. Star-Nosed Moles: These underground creatures are blind but have a strange star shaped […]

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